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What is IPTV?

GCPS IPTV Introduction

GCPS IPTV is a web based tool to view a variety of television stations. It serves two purposes. First, the URL page gives teachers and staff access to a limited number of local and cable stations as well as GCPS TV (the line up is subject to change). Second, it gives teachers and staff access to the live feed that the video camera will generate. We now have a portable system that allows us to go live from anywhere in the school where there is a network drop and power.

Instructions (click to zoom)

Step 1: (see Figure 1)
The URL for Magill is below. A picture of our IPTV home page is shown below.
Please note: When accessing your IPTV you must use a wired Ethernet connection. Wireless connections will not work. You can do this on a laptop by turning off your wifi. Some laptops have a wifi switch. On others you may have to go to your Network Settings and turn it off.

Step 2: (see Figure 2)
How does it work?
Each station is shown as an icon on the IPTV home page. Clicking on the icon will
launch VLC Media Player. This media player is available to all GCPS computers.
The television station will begin playing immediately.

Step 3: (see Figure 3)
VLC Media Player Setup
When you first run a video from IPTV make the following change to the VLC Media
Player settings.
1. Open VLC Media Player Preferences
2. Select Video and set Deinterlacing to Automatic. Click Save.

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